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Chin Nan: More than a connector maker.

With 50-year-worth experience in RF industry, Chin Nan is capable to offer full range of standard RF connectors and design upon your request. Efficient & Effective!! Chin Nan is just right for you. We are an experienced RF product supplier for decades, and our wide product range can offer you one-stop-shopping.

  • Low PIM

    Low PIM

    Low PIM connectors are designed for high frequency, low-intermodulation and low return loss outdoor applications. These low loss 50ohm connectors are now widely used in wireless, WiFi and GSM base.

  • Sealed Connector

    Sealed Connector

    Sealed connectors are provided with waterproof protection of environmentally. The sealed connector is rated to IP68 criteria and can be submerged to shallow depths. The sealed connectors prevent the ingress water, moisture, gasoline and other chemical.

  • Non-magnetic


    Non-magnetic coaxial connectors allow placement in or near the imaging area in advanced medical imaging equipment. MRI medical equipment. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an advanced imaging technique that is able to produce high resolution cross-sectional images for inside human body by exploiting Radio Frequency (RF) pulses.

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