Chin Nan® / Chin Nan: More than a connector maker.

Chin Nan®, since 1965, is a BNC connector | coaxial cable manufacturer. Custom and certified cables and connectors such as coaxial connectors, BNC connectors and radio frequency connectors. Cables and connectors supplied by verified and experienced manufacturer with large selections and high-quality services.

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Chin Nan® Product Category

Chin Nan is a well-experienced RF Connectors and Coaxial Cable Assembly in Taiwan, has been specializing in producing Microwave Connectors, Cable Connector and Coaxial Connector for many years. In addition to RF Microwave Connector, we also provide PCB Connector, MMCX Connector, Adapter and SMA Connector with superior quality. Since we are customer-oriented company, customers’ satisfaction is our prime principle. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for superior Microwave Components and HDTV Connectors Manufacturer.

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The most comprehensive set of mechanical specifications for RF/microwave connectors is MIL-STD-348B:DEPARTMENT...

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LTE Application Connector - LTE Application Connector

LTE Application Connector

LTE and Wimax technologies are available since 2009/2006. Current versions are called ‘LTE-Advanced’...

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SMA 27 GHz Connector - SMA 27G Connectors

SMA 27 GHz Connector

Chin Nan offers an extended frequency SMA range to meet the coaxial system operation completely through...

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(RF+) Sealed Connector - Sealed Connector

(RF+) Sealed Connector

Chin Nan sealed connectors are provided with waterproof protection of environmentally. The sealed connector...

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(RF+) RF Switch Connector - RF Switching Connectors

(RF+) RF Switch Connector

RF switching connector provides a unique means of switching between two RF signal paths. As user friendly...

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(RF+) Anti-Vibration Connector - Anti-Vibration

(RF+) Anti-Vibration Connector

Chin Nan anti-vibration connectors advanced the design of standard push-on RF/Microwave connector by adding...

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Low PIM Connector - LOW PIM Connector

Low PIM Connector

Low PIM connectors are designed for high frequency, low-intermodulation and low return loss, suitable...

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SMP Connector - SMP Connectors

SMP Connector

Chin Nan SMP connectors provide repeatable electrical performance from DC to 18GHz with semi-rigid cable.The...

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SMT & SMT Cable Assy - SMT Cable Assembly

SMT & SMT Cable Assy

SMT series is an ultra-small surface-mount coaxial connector that is widely accepted as a standard in the industry....

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SSMA Connector - SSMA Connectors

SSMA Connector

SSMA connectors are micro miniature RF connectors with a screw-coupling, which are similar to SMA series...

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SSMB Connector - SSMB Connectors

SSMB Connector

The SSMB is a small version of the standard SMB connector, providing excellent electrical performance...

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SMA Connector - SMA Connectors

SMA Connector

SMA connectors are semi-precision, subminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance...

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MCX Connector - MCX Connectors

MCX Connector

MCX micro-miniature connectors provide repeatable performance from DC to 6 GHz. The design of these devices...

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MMCX Connector - MMCX Connectors

MMCX Connector

The MMCX connectors are designed for the smallest dimensions, and provide repeatable performances from...

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SMB Connector - SMB Connectors

SMB Connector

SMB connectors are semi-precision, subminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance...

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SMC Connector - SMC Connectors

SMC Connector

The SMC interface features threaded coupling with 10-32 threads, operate up to 10 GHz. Its small size,...

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BNC Connector - BNC Connectors

BNC Connector

BNC coaxial connectors are one of the world's most popular RF connectors. They are miniature, light-weight...

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TNC Connector - TNC Connectors

TNC Connector

TNC series connectors are similar to BNC connectors except for their mating threaded coupling which is designed...

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N Connector - N Connectors

N Connector

N series coaxial connectors are medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors designed for use from DC to 11 GHz....

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Coaxial Adapters - Coaxial Adapters

Coaxial Adapters

Chin Nan offers a full range of in-series, between series RF coaxial adapters. Adapters are commonly...

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HDTV Application Connector - HDTV Application Connectors

HDTV Application Connector

Chin Nan launched a new range of 75 ohm BNC connectors which operate at the increased bandwidth and frequencies...

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Non-Magnetic Connector - Non-magnetic Connectors

Non-Magnetic Connector

Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used primarily inside MRI medical equipment. Magnetic Resonance Imaging...

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Slide-On Connector - Slide-On Connector

Slide-On Connector

Blind mate connectors are used in which the mating action happens where equipment must slide in and make...

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Tool - Adapter Kit & Stripper


Hand tool is designed for engineers’ hand work of assembling connectors with coaxial cables at development...

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Reverse Polarity Connector - Reverse Polarity Connector

Reverse Polarity Connector

Reverse Polarity non-standard interface connectors are designed for spread spectrum wireless applications...

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7/16 Connector - 7/16 Connectors

7/16 Connector

The 7/16 is designed for 50 ohm impedance to conform to the DIN standards, featuring excellent power-handling...

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1.0/2.3 Connector - 1.0/2.3 Connectors

1.0/2.3 Connector

The 1.0/2.3 connectors are smaller in size with application up to 4 GHz that are reliable in broadband...

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FME Connector - FME (SAP) Connectors

FME Connector

FME (For Mobile Equipment) is a miniature 50Ω RF connector series offering performance from DC to 900MHz...

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Mini UHF Connector - MINI-UHF Connectors

Mini UHF Connector

Mini--UHF coaxial connectors are designed for use in applications from DC to 2.5 GHz where size,weight...

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UHF Connector - UHF Connectors

UHF Connector

UHF coaxial connectors are one of the first RF connector series to be developed.They are general purpose,non-constant...

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Over 50 Years of Coaxial Cable And BNC Connector Supply - Chin Nan®

Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., since 1965, is one of the prime RF connector | Coaxial Cable manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Custom designed and certified coaxial connectors, BNC connectors, and radio frequency connectors supplied by a verified and experienced manufacturer - Chin Nan®, has also obtained numerous patented cables and connectors.

Chin Nan® has been offering customers high-quality cables and connectors, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Chin Nan® ensures each customer's demands are met.