Solution / Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. We are a manufacturer of electronic components. The main products are connectors and adapters and related cables.

Chin Nan® is a Solution manufacturer. Products Solutions Custom and certified cables and connectors such as coaxial connectors, BNC connectors and radio frequency connectors. Cables and connectors supplied by verified and experienced manufacturer with large selections and high-quality services.

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Connectors & adaptesr of products application.

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Harsh Environment

Chin Nan sealed connectors are provided with waterproof protection of environmentally. The sealed connector is rated to IP68 criteria and can be submerged to shallow depths. The sealed connectors prevent the ingress water, moisture, gasoline and other chemical.




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Board to Board Connector - board-to-board-Series
Board to Board Connector

Chin Nan RPSMP connectors are designed for combination the minimum board-to-board spaces of SMP connectors...

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HERMETIC Connector

Chin Nan hermetic connectors are designed for use in harsh application environments. The sealing...

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Anti-Vibration Connector - Anti-Vibration
Anti-Vibration Connector

Chin Nan anti-vibration connectors advanced the design of standard push-on RF/Microwave connector...

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Sealed Connector - Sealed Connector
Sealed Connector

Chin Nan sealed connectors are provided with waterproof protection of environmentally. The sealed...

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Low PIM Connector - LOW PIM Connector
Low PIM Connector

Low PIM connectors are designed for high frequency, low-intermodulation and low return loss,...

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LTE Application - LTE Application Connector
LTE Application

LTE and Wimax connectors technologies are available since 2009/2006. Current versions are called...

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RF Switch Connector - RF Switching Connectors
RF Switch Connector

RF switching connector provides a unique means of switching between two RF signal paths. As user...

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6G_75ohm Connector - 6G_75ohm CONNECTORS
6G_75ohm Connector

Chin Nan launched new products of 75 ohm connectors which operate at the increased bandwidth...

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Non-Magnetic Connector - Non-magnetic Connectors
Non-Magnetic Connector

Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used primarily inside MRI medical equipment. Magnetic Resonance...

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Slide-On Connector - Slide-On Connector
Slide-On Connector

Blind mate connectors are used in which the mating action happens where equipment must slide...

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HDTV Application Connector - HDTV Application Connectors
HDTV Application Connector

Chin Nan launched a new range of 75 ohm BNC connectors which operate at the increased bandwidth...

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Over 50 Years of Solution Supply - Chin Nan®

Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., since 1965, is one of the prime Solution manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Custom designed and certified coaxial connectors, BNC connectors, and radio frequency connectors supplied by a verified and experienced manufacturer - Chin Nan®, has also obtained numerous patented cables and connectors.

Chin Nan® has been offering customers high-quality cables and connectors, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Chin Nan® ensures each customer's demands are met.