IMS 2018 / Chin Nan: More than a connector maker.

Chin Nan® IMS 2018. Chin Nan: More than a connector maker.. With 50-year-worth experience in RF industry, Chin Nan is capable to offer full range of standard RF connectors and design upon your request. Efficient & Effective!! Chin Nan is just right for you. We are an experienced RF product supplier for decades, and our wide product range can offer you one-stop-shopping.

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IMS 2018
IMS 2018

IMS 2018

10 Jun, 2018 Chin Nan

IMS 2018 Exhibtion Information

Exhibtion Information
  • Exhibition Date: 2018/6/10~2018/6/15
  • Place: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia.
  • Date: June. 10-15, 2018
  • Booth no. 1060
This year we would like to present our products in 5 categories:
  1. Harsh Environment Applications
  2. High Performance
  3. Ultra- Board to Board Solution
  4. Multi-Port Interconnect Project
  5. Customized products
Harsh Environment
Mil-Aircraft Cable Assembly
Hermetically Sealed Connectors
Anti-Vibration Connectors

High Performance
40GHz SMP 2.92mm(K)
65GHz SMPM 1.85mm(V)

Ultra- Board to Board Solution
Height 7mm 4mm
Width Ø 2mm 3.5mm SQ.