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August 2019

Latest interface standard for RF and microwave connectors - MIL-STD-348B

Latest interface standard for RF and microwave connectors - MIL-STD-348B

MIL-STD-348 is a RF connector interface for radio frequency coaxial, tri-axial, and twin-axial connectors, which latest version is B_CHG_3. It is the most comprehensive set of mechanical specifications for RF/microwave connectors.

To respond to the different and fast needs of actual electronic products, staying on the top standards which relate to your own industry can help engineers make the better decision to reach the best performance and applicability in design.
In addition to manufacturing connectors on the basis of on MIL-STD-348B specifications, Chin Nan also improves the electrical performance at the same time. Such upgrade can help engineers achieve the best performance while designing or prototyping in using our products with different components from different suppliers.

Chin Nan points out the differences between 348A and 348B and tells you why you should choose MIL-STD-348B connectors in Chin Nan’s new letter….

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