Declaration / Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.We are a manufacturer of electronic components. The main products are connectors and adapters and related cables.

Declaration of product compliance with environmental regulations ISO, RoHS and REACH certified connectors and adapters supplies. Solution provider of radio-frequency and microwave connector meeting client's top standards. Imported Swiss-type CNC precision automatic lathes, high-precision hander presses, three-way packing machines, connector and adapter made with high precision.

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Chin Nan Declaration


Chin Nan is dedicated to providing high quality RF connectors as well as adapters and cable assemblies that meet environmental regulations, including RoHS Directive and REACH regulation. The declarations about the compliance with RoHS, REACH and conflict minerals are disclosure on the website.

Declaration of product compliance with environmental regulations

RoHS & REACH Certification
RoHS & REACH Certification
* RoHS:
* Conflict Minerals:
  • You can find additional information about conflict mineral legislative and technical guidance from the below sources.

However, please kindly understand Web paper is for reference, please kindly contact our sales dept. for more details and comprehensive information.

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