February 2020 / Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.We are a manufacturer of electronic components. The main products are connectors and adapters and related cables.

ISO, RoHS and REACH certified connectors and adapters supplies. Solution provider of radio-frequency and microwave connector meeting client's top standards. Imported Swiss-type CNC precision automatic lathes, high-precision hander presses, three-way packing machines, connector and adapter made with high precision.


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February 2020

February 2020

5G solutions- Low PIM connectors: 7/16, N-type

5G solutions- Low PIM connectors

5G (The 5th generation mobile network) is currently most popular word in the wireless infrastructure. 5G features high speeds, low latency and reliability that can be transformed to enable the transportation infrastructure, automation across urban and other industries. In the meantime, due to the new frequency use for the modern base stations, the use of more sensitive receivers and higher transmitter power levels, PIM issues starts to be a potential problem for cellular network services. 

Chin Nan provides low PIM RF connectors, including N-type, TNC, SMA, MCX, SMP, SMPM and 7/16 connector series, as well as cable assemblies and adapters. In February newsletter, we are going to introduce our low PIM products lines: 7/16 and N-type, which are the two most common interfaces used for low PIM application.  

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