March 2020 / Chin Nan® Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.We are a manufacturer of electronic components. The main products are connectors and adapters and related cables.

ISO, RoHS and REACH certified connectors and adapters supplies. Solution provider of radio-frequency and microwave connector meeting client's top standards. Imported Swiss-type CNC precision automatic lathes, high-precision hander presses, three-way packing machines, connector and adapter made with high precision.

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March 2020

Non-magnetic connectors

Non-magnetic connectors

Non-magnetic connectors

Magnetism is sufficient to impair the functioning of highly sensitive equipment, like MRI. Non-magnetic RF connectors which use beryllium copper and quality non-magnetic plating can lower or eliminate the impact of magnetism that could affect MRI imaging quality. Chin Nan supplies high performance, non-magnetic connectors that help enhance the quality of scan and images more readable and accurate.

Chin Nan provides the wide range of non-magnetic RF connectors including SMA, MCX, MMCX and SMP series. Non-magnetic RF connectors are mainly created for MRI medical equipment requirements, which severely need no interference of magnetism. Besides the choice of material and plating, a strictly controlled production and inspection procedure is required to make sure the quality and performance of making non-magnetic connectors.

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